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Northwest Martial Arts Leadership Team General Outline

The Northwest Martial Arts Leadership Team gives opportunities to our advanced students to develop strengths through leadership training.  Students can apply to become a member of Leadership Team or be invited by the school’s Head Instructor.  Special training sessions are planned for leadership team members for leadership development including Taekwondo and non-martial art leadership related skills.  In addition to these special classes, leadership team members have the opportunity to develop skills by participating in classes with students of lower rank to assist or help lead them in various activities.

Students on the leadership team are required (but not limited) to participate in 1 class per month to assist with activities and skill development for lower ranked students.  Through this opportunity, instructors work with Leadership Team Members to give them the skills to improve the class experience of lower ranked students by setting a good example, leading class stretching, leading warm up activities, assisting in small group skill development, assisting in curriculum review, and monitoring large group activities, all while reinforcing class rules and procedures to help create a fun, safe, and energetic environment in each Taekwondo class.

Leadership Team Members positively influence the Taekwondo school by providing trained and motivated individuals to help less experienced students reach their potential.   Participation on the Leadership Team benefits the class by giving students more repetition for skill training, providing improved supervision for younger athletes, eliminating down time, providing more on-task practice time to help the class run more efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, the Leadership Team places advanced students with novice students to give less experienced students someone to look up to and model after, creating positive relationships within the dojang and improving student retention.

As the Leadership Team Member progresses and gains more experience, more opportunities and responsibilities will be offered, but not required.  More advanced Leadership Team Members will lead entire warm ups, reinforce belt curriculum, and work with students more independently.  Our best instructors are often chosen from Leadership Team Members that have developed the skills to eventually be able to lead entire classes and instruct students without assistance from an instructor.


Leadership Team Rank

As students attend classes to participate as a leadership team member, they will sign in with each attendance.  After participating in 10 classes, they will receive their own Leadership Team patch to be applied to their uniform to be recognized by instructors and other students for their involvement on the Leadership Team.  After the initial 10 class trail period, they are officially considered on the Northwest Martial Arts Leadership Team.  Students earn an additional gold leadership chevron after each additional 45 classes that they participate in as a Leadership Team Member (other than their own class).  Each gold chevron attaches below their Leadership Patch on their uniform to be recognized for their extensive leadership experience.    Prizes and awards will be given at the end of each Taekwondo Semester to students with the highest amount of class participation during that semester.  This process starts over at the beginning of each semester to give equal opportunity to all Leadership Team Members, while keeping overall attendance to monitor overall rank.   


Leadership Rank Stripes

Leadership Team Members are permitted to give out one White leadership stripe to lower ranked students per class when participating on Leadership Team.  This stripe is given out to lower ranked students they may have observed showing good behavior, excellent attitudes, extra effort, or other exceptional qualities during their training on that day.  This reinforces improved compliance and discipline during classes and to give Leadership Team Members more responsibility and authority by focusing on positive behaviors.  Students are allowed to earn up to 2 white stripes per belt level.  Leadership Team Members are not allowed to give out push ups or enforce other disciplinary action to any student at any time other than notifying an instructor if there are concerns with a students behavior or any disrespectful action.        


Leadership Classes

Leadership classes focus on many aspects of helping students become effective leaders, both in the Taekwondo school, in their community, and throughout their life.  Lessons will help Leadership Team Members understand how to correct Taekwondo techniques and how to better help another student learn to improve Taekwondo skills, but every lesson will help students develop as a leader outside of the Taekwondo gym.  Lesson focus on general leadership concepts such as making priorities, managing time, thinking positive, taking initiative, and developing character.  Each class will have one lesson on Taekwondo instruction skills, a lesson on improving general leadership qualities, and a lesson on Taekwondo skill application to help the Leadership Team Member develop in many areas.         


Leader Team Application

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Upcoming Leadership Team Class Schedule:

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