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All requirements for belt promotion are posted in the workout area and are available in the student handbook.  Students must be able perform the material at the required level in order to be considered for promotion, have earned all of the required belt stripes, have completed the promotion application form and with signatures, and have instructors recommendation.  

Belt promotion tests are scheduled independently for students at White, Orange, and Yellow Belt Level.  For Advanced Belt promotion information, please check with an instructor for promotion schedules and test dates.

Specific Criteria for Promotion:

1. Must have obtained all stripes prior to day of promotion test.

2. Must have Head Instructor’s recommendation. 

3. Must have fulfilled the allotted time requirement for each rank.

4. Consistent attendance prior to testing is required. 

5. Membership dues must be current and test fees paid in advance of testing.   

6. Proper etiquette and Tae Kwon Do attitude must be exhibited by the student. 

7. Desire to promote successfully must be shown by the student.

Promotion to the next rank is an earned privilege. You must prove yourself capable of the higher rank both physically and mentally before you will be allowed to test.  All students must continually display respectful and responsible behavior in and out of class to be eligible for promotion. 

 In addition to belt curriculum, students also will need to show some knowledge of TKD terminology, etiquette, history, and life skills. Check your handbook for belt-specific material and responsibilities. Youth students purple and above, as well as adult students green belt and above will be testing on the rotating quarter material curriculum. 

Board Breaking Requirements


Youth Board Breaking Requirements for Belt Promotion:

White to Orange:            Stomp Break

Orange to Yellow:          Run Side Kick

Yellow to Green :           Side Kick

Green to Blue:                Back Kick

Blue to Purple:                Front Kick

Purple to Trim:               Ax Kick

Trim to Brown:               Roundhouse and Forearm

Brown to Red:                360 Ax and Palm Smash

Adult Board Breaking Requirements for Belt Promotion:

White to Orange:  Side Kick

Orange to Yellow:  Back Kick

Yellow to Green:  Non-Dominant Back Kick

Green to Blue:  Slide Hook Kick (2 Hand Hold)

Blue to Purple:  Backspin (2 Hand Hold Female, 1 Hand Hold Male)

Purple to Purple Trim:  Double Roundhouse

Purple Trim to Brown:  Skip Ax Kick and Forearm (1 Board Female, 2 Boards Male)

Brown to Brown Senior:  360 Ax Kick and Palm Smash (1 Board Female, 2 Boards Male)

Brown Senior to Red:  Twin Front Kick (Optional Front Kick into Jump Front Kick)

Red to Red Senior:  Jump Roundhouse and 540 Back Kick (2 Boards)